Information Technologies and software

Information Technologies and Coding

The content of the course called Information Technologies and Software in the secondary school curriculum has changed over time to adapt to today's technologies. In courses that mostly include coding and robotics content, students can produce projects using electronic cards, learn new programming languages, meet coding robots, make 3D designs and develop mobile applications . If innovations are not transferred to students, especially in courses closely related to technology, we will raise students who are not able to acquire many skills that are behind the times at the relevant age. By instilling production, thinking, designing and inventing in students, instead of individuals who are always pro-consumer, we will raise a generation that acquires 21st century skills , knows the concept of industry 4.0 , and adapts to the professions of the future .

The tree bends when it is young

The proverb briefly summarizes the situation at this point for us. Not only for 5th and 6th grade students, but also from pre-school period, we must raise students as individuals who are at peace with technology and can use and manage it correctly.

There are many resources available to assist teachers in this regard. Chief among these are Pinoo Coding, Robotics and Maker Training Sets, which offer hundreds of projects, thousands of video content and curriculum support. Pinoo sets, which offer great convenience in coding and connection to teachers and students from 2nd grade to 12th grade, are the biggest supporter of teachers with their warranty and content advantages.

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