Let Children Invent

Let the Children Invent

Children of today are the building blocks of the future. It is necessary to make them adopt 21st century skills and adapt to new technologies by supporting their imaginations under the leadership of reason and science. In this sense, instead of the classical rote learning and unchanging education, there is a need for trainings such as coding, robotics, 3D design that constitute the necessities of our age.

If children are devoted to creating and discovering from an early age, inventing will be their favorite job. This love and passion will shape his future and contribute to the future of the society and the country. For this reason, coding, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc., which are the basis of today's scientific world, Any training on these fields will develop this philosophy.

With these trainings, young people, educators and anyone interested in this field get the chance to become an inventor. Because children will have more desires with the effort and belief of their environment in this regard. After that, of course, there is only one thing left, every child is an inventor, let him make an invention.

There are platforms that provide support and strength for children's education such as coding, maker, 3D design and robotics, which are not offered by the classical education system we know in Turkey.

Atölye Vizyon presents the technology of the future to the participants in this regard, and provides training programs for children, young people, trainers and people of all ages who are curious about this field.

With Atolye Vizyon, children become productive individuals by developing themselves with the perspective of their own experience instead of memorization, and talent instead of money.