Coding For Kids

Today, one of the areas where the development of children and young people is most supported is technology. The continuous development of technology and the emergence of new inventions in different technological fields ensure that children and young people are directed to these areas. Workshop Vision A coding, robotics, maker, 3d program that contributes to the development of children and young people between the ages of 5-18 in the field of technology and to master new technological developments. It is a design workshop. Its services are on fields such as coding for children, robotics, Maker, STEM+A, workshop setup, coding and 3D printers, and trainer training. With 20 years of experience, it is with you so that children can keep up with the developing technological developments, fully reveal their imagination, have productive ideas and get the courage to create new inventions. The Workshop Vision team, which has witnessed the rapidly developing period of technology and aimed to convey every development it has witnessed, to hundreds of students online and face to face with Kurtköy and Ataşehir workshops. offers face coding and robotics training. With its Pinoo Coding, Robotics, Maker Education Sets, Atölye Vizyon has made coding easier and more enjoyable for students, trainers and young people from the age of 7 onwards.

Pinoo Coding Kits

  • 100% STEM+A compatible original content and curriculum for grades 2-12,
  • Easy connection and coding system,
  • Control cards and dozens of sensors suitable for all levels,
  • Favorable price advantage,
  • New content and project support every week,
  • Full compatibility with Maker projects,
  • Full compatibility with Tübitak projects,
  • Pinoo Studio coding editor,
  • Suitable for text and block based coding,
  • Fully compatible with mBlock and Arduino IDE,
  • 3D printable mechanical parts,
  • Hundreds of sample project videos,
  • Augmented reality application,
  • Coding with tablet and phone,
  • Gift online education,
  • 2 year warranty,
  • English content,
  • Sets for every budget,
  • One set = Hundreds of projects

Meet the quality and assurance of Pinoo Robotics, designed and produced in our country, the choice of thousands of children, young people and teachers, and let's raise children who create inventions together.

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