Why Should Children Learn Coding?

In our world where technological transformations take place at full speed, children also experience considerable differences in their interests and in the professions they dream of, compared to previous periods. Children who wanted to be a 'teacher, policeman or doctor' in the past now have dreams of learning coding, making inventions, becoming an inventor, and becoming an important scientist in the digital age. Unlike common reasons such as keeping up with the changing world dynamics and opening the door to innovations, there are much more important reasons to learn coding!


As Atölye Vizyon, we guide you, precious parents and children, and provide answers to your questions.


Learning to Code is the Foundation of Innovative Perspective


In an environment where digitalization affects human life more and more, it is much more valuable to turn to areas that will reveal innovations. Inventions that will make life easier are among the dreams of many children. To be able to turn on the lights without leaving your place, to take precautions to prevent the negativities that may occur at home, to make flying cars… The most valuable investment you can make for your children is to support them while taking the small steps they need to realize big projects. As Atölye Vizyon, we are always by your side with our expert instructor staff and our content we offer as online and offline.


Learning to Code Offers Career Opportunities


It is your biggest duty as parents to invest for your children while they don't have to worry about career, business life and making money. We can see the first steps for children to turn to professions that will be valued in the future as starting to learn 21st century skills. They can integrate these skills into their lives with coding. This is not a distant dream in a digitalizing world!


Learning to Code Supports Problem Solving


Children who manage to come up with practical solutions are generally thought to achieve greater things in areas open to development. Taking advantage of the power of coding allows children to have a much wider horizon. While the problems encountered are solved with intelligent methods, the door is opened to innovations that will benefit humanity.


You can have a pleasant adventure with Atölye Vizyon to fill your children's today with fun activities and to invest in their tomorrow. We offer your children the opportunity to develop with the training we offer in very valuable areas such as programming and coding. Moreover, thanks to the children spending time together with their peers, we make learning a fun point.