Children's Inventions Shape the Future

Children's Inventions Shape the Future       

Developing technology continues to create great opportunities for business and science in today's world. Thanks to these opportunities, innovations, technologies and inventions that will make life easier are also emerging. However, while this situation is seen as sectoral and business purposes in the world of adults, inventing for children turns into tools that make life easier and enjoyable.

Coding and artificial intelligence are used in computers, robots and defense industry, while they serve different purposes in the world of children. Almost all of them want to have a clone of themselves and someone to play at home while going to school, or to have robots perform their daily responsibilities instead of themselves, thanks to artificial intelligence. With the education they receive on this subject, children can initiate inventions that will shape the future and that adults often do not think of. Because they find the easiest way to solve every job, they make thousands of Inventions in their imaginations, which are often inaccessible to adults, thanks to their practical intelligence. In this regard, the first duty of parents is to support children's imaginations and inventions.

Therefore, it is necessary to always inform children about new technologies. Families need support to have early knowledge about coding, artificial intelligence, robotics technologies and to shape their future lives in the light of science and technology. Starting from the pre-school period, Atölye Vizyon provides this support with its professional teammates in accordance with the level and interests of each child.

Give Your Child the Freedom to Invent

Atölye Vizyon, which holds workshops on many different topics such as coding, robotics, maker and 3D design for both children and young people, educators and anyone who is interested in technology, serves with a distance and face-to-face education model. It offers workshops for children, young adults and educators from 7 to 77 who are interested in coding and robotics.

Atölye Vizyon guides every young mind to think and produce on this path that it embarked on with the motto of “Invention, My Child”. In this respect, it offers the opportunity to make projects to ensure easy coding and permanent learning with the Pinoo Coding Robotics and Maker Training Kits products it produces.