The Importance of Pinoo in Coding Education

We are opening the doors of a constantly developing, growing and fully digitalized era. Pinoo Coding, Robotics, Maker Education Kits are just for you for our inventor children, whose imagination knows no bounds, to think, produce, design and keep up with the times!


Children, who are the most precious parts of the producing, developing and growing society, can work with Pinoo, produce projects and reach the adventure they dream of faster and become successful.


The generation of this century has to adapt to the globalizing digital world with ready infrastructure. The importance of coding among the individual skills to be sought in the future is increasing day by day, our age is becoming digital, and new concepts are taking the place of existing sector qualities. Preparing children from today and for the future is among the best decisions that can be made. The Pinoo family, which accelerates children's adaptation processes and encourages them to think interactively with concrete studies, is always with you!


Coding can seem difficult and complex for some


Pinoo supports children's imagination skills, accelerates their inquiry and learning processes with concrete learning styles. Pinoo contributes to the development of many 21st century skills such as children's understanding of algorithm logic, analytical thinking skills, problem solving skills, communication and collaboration. Thanks to its easy use, everyone can easily do any project they can think of with Pinoo. With projects adapted from real life and prepared by doing and living, the information taught becomes much more efficient and reinforced.


With the ease of connection and sensor diversity that Pinoo provides, you can carry out colorful projects, and you can be proud of your children's imagination and desire to succeed!


Pinoo is next to our children who are ready to imagine!


Filled with determination, enthusiasm and productivity, our children will do everything they see around with Pinoo, which makes coding simple and fun, and will say, 'yes I can do it!'. As soon as they say, they will contribute to the intrinsic motivation process of themselves.


Do not forget that the bigger the goal that children want to reach, the more they will grow. Being with your children while reaching their goals will be just as enjoyable for us as the Pinoo family.