The Future Will Come To You With Coding

The Future Will Come To You!


Go Beyond The Age With Robotic Coding.


Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, the world's three richest people, have many different talents and traits, as well as common skills. All three successful people come from coding-based jobs.


Regardless of your age, profession and area of expertise, the steps you take in the coding world will make your life easier for you and help you shape your future by enabling you to acquire new skills. We see that people, who are considered as the leading names of our age, have been experimenting with coding from an early age when we go down to their childhood and early youth.


The most important effect for children who are introduced to basic designs at times when personality is shaped, is undoubtedly their ability to think with digital logic. Individuals who gain this skill set their lives in the center of problem solving and rational choice, just like the working logic of the computer. This takes them several steps forward in the developing world. Growing up by understanding the digital world ranging from the televisions in our homes to the surgeon robots in the operating theaters, children open the door to being not only consumers but also shapers of this world.


Especially during the pandemic process, the digitalization of the world took place to a large extent. Large companies have decided to work from home after the pandemic. From now on, nothing in our lives will be the same as before. Although traditional skills will continue to work for you to save the day. The way to be a leader in the world of the future is to understand digital life. At what age should we start, are we late? We seem to hear questions like. On the contrary, there is no age to learn, design, discover and produce coding. Atölye Vizyon provides online and face-to-face education for all age groups starting from pre-school period. It supports individuals from many professions by providing training for trainers.


So, what skills does robotic coding help us acquire that will catch the age or even shape it? How can we gain these skills? Do we have a road map?


Let's examine them item by item.


To understand the logic of your product:

Many of us have no idea how the technological products we use work. Coding training, on the other hand, not only helps us to understand the working logic of hardware products such as sensors,

motors and batteries that make up these products, but also enables us to get acquainted with the concept of software that makes these products a meaningful whole.


To gain problem solving skills:

Coding projects also bring many problems. You produce your project by solving the errors that you constantly encounter with the product you design. In this process, you will also gain problem-solving skills that will be useful for your life. As a result, in social life, you will have the ability to reach the root of the error and reach the goal with the least cost.




Learning to Budget:

Budget planning skills, which many adults are not capable of, is at the heart of coding projects. Designs are shaped around time management and project budget. It will not surprise us that a student taking a coding course goes planning while spending.


Your talent is valuable here:

In a robotic coding project, artistic talents are as important as software talent. You must have noticed that aesthetics are important even in many devices you use. It is inevitable for a child to develop products that will affect the world with his artistic talent blended with coding skills.


To be a suitable person for the new world:

While Pisa tests measure new thinking skills, they also identify the new type of person. We are now entering an era in which individuals who do not need individuals who mark the correct answer among the 4 options put in front of them, and who have the qualifications to create options and even questions themselves, come to the fore. The education that offers all these together for individuals who think, criticize, design and produce is coding education.


You can go beyond the age by learning robotic coding.




The future will come to you.