How Should The First Meet With Coding Be?

The introduction of technology into our lives has changed many things along with it. So much so that it is possible to observe that we have acquired many new habits and that we have erased many old habits by looking within the framework of this subject. In this case, it would be correct to give examples through basic introduction to coding, coding training and basic computer programs. So, how should the introduction and first meeting with coding be for both adults and children? Why is learning to code important?


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What is Coding?


With the most general definition for coding, it is possible to say "the thing that makes programming, computer software and site creation possible". In addition, the internet browser used, applications on the phone, operating systems, social media systems such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are made by coding. From this aspect, it will be realized how important the process of learning coding is for human beings. So what are the reasons for children to learn coding?


Reasons for Kids to Learn Coding


Coding Has a Positive Effect on Academic Performance

The first reason is the effect of coding on academic performance. In this context, it is possible to explain the effect of coding on academic performance with the following subheadings.


The most important effect of coding appears in connection with mathematics. The main reason for this is this; Coding, which is an abstract concept, enables children to meet abstract concepts and make these concepts visual. This makes children who adapt mathematics to the physical world to be more successful.

Getting coding education for children supports creativity. Children who constantly try something and do it randomly start to use their creativity in order to find solutions over time. As a result, a more creative and selfless child personality emerges.

The ability of children to solve problems and use their creativity due to their coding education supports their self-confidence positively.

Coding Supports Social Skills

Children who are constantly confronted with complex codes eliminate focusing problems.

Children who gain skills such as recognizing and fixing mistakes with coding education start to struggle with the difficulties in their lives with the same self-sacrifice.

The Most Painless Way of the Future; Coding

Coding is necessary for the strengthening of the life skills of children and for the steps they take towards the future to become solid. Because coding, which is defined as the literacy of the digital age, is the most basic way of understanding the technology that develops around children.

A child who gets acquainted with technology at a young age will not be the "chosen" but the "choosing" party in the future.


So, how should it be the first acquaintance with such advantageous coding?


First Meeting with Coding


There are multiple websites that have been developed for children to learn coding appropriate to their level. These free coding learning sites can be accessed from the rest of the text.



It is an application that enables children to learn software through games such as Angry Birds. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is also included in this application.



Scratch, another name in the list of software learning applications, is an application that specifically targets children between the ages of 8 and 16. With this application, it is possible for children to create anything they can imagine.


3-Blocky Games

It is possible for children who have not had any computer programming experience before, to use this application in the context of first meeting with coding. There are a number of games in the app. It is precisely these games that enable children to learn by having fun.




4-Algo Digital

This application, which enables children to gain intellectual acquisition with entertaining stories and characters, also makes it possible for children to acquire digital skills.


You can perform coding studies from websites, as well as project-based with physical materials such as control cards, robots, augmented reality applications. At this point, Pinoo Coding, Robotics and Maker kits come into play, which every individual aged 7 and over can easily code. With hundreds of training videos and project support, a knowledge base that can be used by individuals of all ages is always with you online and offline. Everyone can be an inventor with Pinoo Sets, where you can make connections with a single cable without the need for complicated circuit connections!


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