When Should We Start Learning Robotic Coding?

Preschool Period

Starting from the preschool period, students can begin to understand the logic of coding by using computer-free coding activities, algorithm robots, coding materials and electronic circuits. These activities can be performed between the ages of 5-7.

Primary and Secondary Education Period

It would be healthier for students to become acquainted with robotic coding when they are 7 years old and above. After acquiring reading and writing skills, children can perform all computer-based activities, build circuits, produce projects, write code, and make 3D designs. Children who work in the field of robotics and coding develop their creativity, imagination and leadership skills, and they easily adapt to the new 21st century skills in the changing world. At this point, there are various educational sets, kits, sensors and materials that develop children's imagination and help them produce many creative projects. Among these, Pinoo Sets are the choice of thousands of students and families. With the variety of sensors it offers, ease of connection and coding, it has enabled students to undertake enjoyable projects both individually and as a team.

High School Semester

Post-secondary students gain many competencies in the field of coding and robotics. Afterwards, they have the opportunity to improve themselves and compete by participating in competitions and festivals. We recommend you to examine these competitions organized by TÜBİTAK, TEKNOFEST, HACKATHON and many other institutions.

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