Corporate Social Responsibility Projects and Pinoo

How about providing perfect solutions while supporting the development of your children with Pinoo and corporate social responsibility projects?


The preparation of children and young people to be equipped and visionary for the future is among the issues that institutions, organizations and companies operating in every field, especially in the production, export and finance sectors, value in the field of social responsibility.


The rapid development of technology in every field in the last 25 years directly affects the needs of the workforce. Entrepreneurship is one of the main topics of development. Moreover, this concept is accepted all over the world as a journey that children and young people should start at an early age.


The fact that the topics under the umbrella of Industry 4.0 are the most invested subjects, gives important clues about the point where technology has reached in the last 25 years, and where it would reach to next 25 years from today, while guiding us about the work to be done.



It is important for children and young people to enter the software world with the right content at an early age, to be enthusiastic, to be guided and to draw a road map on how to use the knowledge they have acquired. This process will both increase their self-confidence and serve as an important key for them in terms of what they should learn, why and how to apply them. Thanks to this key, they will be able to fill their shortcomings and increase their participation in the workforce or entrepreneurship ecosystem.


In projects to be carried out in the field of social responsibility, it is of great importance to identify content that supports analytical and algorithmic thinking, integrated with design-oriented thinking, and triggers creativity in order to open the horizons of children and young people from primary school to university level and to expand their visions.


Pinoo coding, robotics and maker training sets support block-based and text-based coding editors with a detailed curriculum. It stands out with its infrastructure, which has hundreds of training videos and sample project content, developed by experts with pedagogical formation, and many other advantages.



Designed and manufactured in Turkey Pinoo coding, robotics, maker training sets offer affordability and rich hardware advantages for use in corporate social responsibility projects. Pinoo adds value to

projects with its user-oriented support and guarantee understanding, live support, instructor training, and augmented reality application. Moreover, it inspires children and young people to reveal their inner creativity.


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