Mathematics, Coding And Pinoo

Today, the usage area of ​​mathematics is quite common. For some people, learning math may seem difficult. Are you among those who think mathematics is difficult to learn? In your opinion, how many of the people who have completed their education life remember the formulas and operations they learned in mathematics class at school? Can learning and teaching mathematics be made more fun? Our answer is yes, it could be made possible with Pinoo. So what is Pinoo? Pinoo is an arduino based control board developed by Atölye Vizyon.
While learning coding with Pinoo, we also learn mathematics indirectly through
concrete experiences. While doing projects through the sensors of the Pinoo control card, we also improve our mathematical knowledge. So how?
For example; When we design and code the fruit picking game with the joystick in the Mblock program, we get to know the coordinate system through the x and y coordinates of the joystick module, which is a Pinoo extension. In addition, in order to move our character with the joystick, we learn the basic mathematical functions +, -, *, / operators together with the condition expressions, or when we realize the barrier project through the servo motor with the Pinoo plug-in, we get information about the angles.
With Pinoo, students can develop their problem-solving skills by creating concrete products, thus making their lessons more enjoyable.