PINOO: Best Gift

Societies that has a word to a say in today's world, which can be called the ‘’age of information and technology’’, besides the basic knowledge and skills they have acquired in schools, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, communication, cooperation, information and media literacy, problem solving, which we can call them 21st century skills. It has to teach a series of skills. Among these skills, coding skills have also taken their place.

The concept of robotics, which appears as a new technology in education, creates an alternative for educators in teaching coding. Thanks to robots, students can get acquainted with coding and start writing code more easily, more permanently and effectively. Robotics education is fed not only from computer science but also from fields such as science, mathematics and engineering.

Pinoo is a unique opportunity for kids to combine coding with robotics and create projects. The Pinoo card, which consists of the harmony of numbers and colors, brings a new breath to students' coding adventures. The best way to learn for kids is game. With Pinoo, children will be able to include Pinoo in their game world by using their imaginations. A football game with joystick control, a project that shows the number of baskets thrown on the screen, a warning system that rings when someone unaware of them enters their room etc… In short, it is possible for them to create a product they can design with Pinoo in every field they can think of.

You can give your children a special gift like Pinoo on all special occasions such as birthdays, report card days, and holidays. Children will have a lot of fun with Pinoo sets and will try to produce projects on many subjects and learn by exploring. Pinoo sets, which shape not only the present but also the future steps of your children, will enable your children to learn coding which is the language of the future.

Children are creative, but over time their creativity becomes blunted by the environmental factors. We must support children to develop their creativity and imagination. Providing children with everything ready and easy accessible will cause them to ignore problems instead of solving them. The home environment is the place where children spend the most time, and the individuals they are most affected by are family members. It is necessary to contribute to the development of children as more equipped individuals with educational sets that will encourage children to produce, explore and dream. These educational sets must be both educational and entertaining. At this point, Pinoo promises a cozy and enjoyable learning method for children. Thanks to the variety of sensors, easy connection and constantly developed content, children will love Pinoo. Pinoo is the best gift for children both to make their present enjoyable and to support their future.