Pinoo and the Maker Movement

Robotic coding is a discipline that should be included in the development processes of students, which includes 21st century skills. Pinoo allows students to produce and do projects with fun, from an early age. So, can we be involved in a maker movement while producing these projects?


Let's briefly recall what the maker movement is. Maker movement is a kind of current. This trend means, trying to explain and spread the culture of producing by yourself.


So what basic ideas does the maker movement defend in the production process?


Maker movement is a trend that adopted ability instead of money, sharing instead of competition, experience instead of memorization, as a philosophy. When we examine these thoughts, actually, a child, a family, a society and a country’s technological development is possible in the light of rational thought and science under the leadership of the maker movement.


Pinoo, on the other hand, is an electronic control card produced to pioneer this current. Thanks to its easy connection and sensor variety, it reveals the maker spirit of children while producing projects.


It is a unique opportunity for children in terms of social responsibility, meeting their needs, and realizing the inventions they dream of. Children actually unwittingly give voice to the maker in theirselves. How? If you remember yourselves as children, you will agree. Let's not forget how we created wonders with Legos and try to make toys by spoiling them all the time. Pinoo, on the other hand, provides us with the opportunities to activate the maker spirit within us. Anything is possible with Pinoo!