The Impact of Pinoo on the Education World

With the Pinoo control card, children can make many different educational, instructive projects that make their lives easier thanks to their motor skills and imagination. During the formation of these projects, children's production ability, problem solving skills, social solidarity and leadership qualities are highly supported. With these features, children play a successful role in the learning adventure. It is not only a generation that listens, watches, takes exams, but also contributes to the development of education life as individuals who imagine, think, produce, prone to teamwork and produce innovative ideas in this process.
Education is the systematic provision of knowledge and skills required in life to individuals through schools, courses and universities. With Pinoo, it is easy and fun to teach and reinforce subjects such as basic science, mathematics and art. Today, permanent learning is provided by the disciplines that children learn by doing and experiencing. At this point, Pinoo control card provides a rich curriculum support by producing its own content and developing its achievements according to educational models. In this way, administrators, teachers and experts in the field of educational programs can receive curriculum support by providing the necessary themes. The more diverse and different the subjects that are wanted to be taught with Pinoo, the more technical equipment diversity that will meet this demand.

Pinoo provides solutions to many problems with exchange, returns and content support when necessary after sales.

How a music teacher teaches notes with robotic coding combining, can create the most beautiful and different permanent education of the age. It is extremely important and valuable for a mathematics teacher to teach children numerical skills with fun, gamified content, and an application that can be understood by children growing up with technology. Students who can learn at their own pace can make each child feel special by integrating the robotic coding branch of institutions that adopt the educational model into their lessons. Anything is possible with Pinoo!