Why Should Instructors Learn Pinoo?

With our Pinoo trainer trainings, trainers will understand how to integrate
the concept of maker with education and life, bring different
perspectives to different issues, and the importance of creativity and
They will learn about algorithm, block-based coding and robotics and
make many projects.
Computer teachers, technology design teachers, educational
technologists, educators in different branches who are interested in
related subject, parents who want to be beneficial to their children, in
short, anyone with interest and curiosity can participate in our trainings.
Trainings are explained in the easiest way, in a way that everyone can
learn and with applications that cover all age groups. In these trainings,
participants are provided with Pinoo sets suitable for all age groups to
improve themselves in electronic design, robotic application, program
coding, and project design.
What Will Pinoo Instructor Training Bring You?
● If you are a teacher, you can work as a distinctive robotic coding
educator in private colleges and public schools, after-school educational
● If you are an academic, you can open the door to a contemporary
practice that provides new research areas.
● If you are an entrepreneur, you can open a new robotics workshop.
● If you are a robotics team coach, you can prepare your team for
worldwide competitions.
● If you are a parent, you can spend quality time with your children by
doing robotic activities.
● If you are in search of a hobby, you can open the doors to a colorful
and fun world.