What is Pinoo? What Applications can be done with Pinoo?

Children who are interested in coding, which is the new language of the century, are no longer satisfied with what they have learned. They want to combine the contents with concrete projects. They all seek to create their own game, a tool that will make their life easier at home, or an invention for the benefit of all people in the name of social responsibility. At this point, “Pinoo”, which is a control card developed to help children realize their dreams and to code with Arduino more easily, comes into play.

Every child is an inventor. They only wait to be discovered. As Atolye Vizyon, we introduce them a new sensor board to make more inventions and projects.

Pinoo, the endless world of pins and coding, is a unique opportunity for students to combine coding with robotics and produce projects. Composed of the harmony of numbers and colors, this card will bring a new breath to the coding adventures of the students.

Pinoo, where coding takes place in the form of blocks thanks to the matching of sensors and pins, gives every student the chance to be a small inventor. Thanks to the variety of sensors, easy connection and constantly developed content, children will love Pinoo. Every child will be able to realize their dreams using Pinoo.


A child can manufacture his own night lights at home or develop a system for wiping his shoes. It can produce its own thermometer that measures the humidity and temperature of the air or invent games where it collects gold and gains points as it jumps with the help of the distance sensor. He can make his own remote control vehicle, install a doorbell system or an alarm system in his room. He can create a smart pot project to water the flowers and many more games and projects with the help of Pinoo.