Pinoo's Impact on Coding, Design, Manufacturing and Imagination

Children who take coding lessons with Pinoo, learn to imagine and reveal their dreams as a tangible product. 

The fact that children's imaginations come true motivates them. They try to find different ways and solutions to problems and their productive side improves. In addition to these, the sense of accomplishment that occurs in children when they write a working code and produce a useful project enables them to gain self-confidence. In this sense, the use of material is also a very effective factor on coding. 

Pinoo makes children love coding with its easy, clear and understandable coding structure, while allowing them to directly reach the problem and then the solution instead of other factors. Children who learn to code are successful both in their school and social life. The critical thinking, collaboration, and technical knowledge that come with coding are essential to prepare children for the advanced technology world of the future 

Ability to code with Pinoo can lead the way in technology, by developing technics and software that can shape the world in terms of creating new business opportunities and having a career. 

Projects created with Pinoo can realize children's abilities by gaining the self-confidence and excitement of “I can produce a product”. Children love to design. They make inventions and creations. Thanks to projects designed with Pinoo, the development of 3-dimensional thinking, shape and space perception is provided.

The development of imagination and fine motor skills is supported. With the development of these skills, it is ensured that the feelings of producing and making inventions are reinforced.

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