The Place of Pinoo in Coding and Robotics

Coding and robotics have become a very important subject as a result of the rapid developments in technology. Especially in the last few years, the place of coding in human life has increased and it has become important to start train children at an early age, about coding.

Pinoo has started to take its place in this developing world with the contributions of Atolye Vizyon.

Robotics And Coding for Children&Teens

 As a result of scientific researches, it has been determined that, coding increases problem solving ability and analytical thinking ability in children, and leads young people to select new professional fields that will occur in the future.

In general, it is considered appropriate for children between 5-7 years of age to start coding education and these trainings continue until age 15. Today, there are many block-based programs and educational materials to transfer this education to individuals.

Along with coding, the importance of robotics has also increased in terms of technological implementation of coding studies. In relation to the growing importance of robotics, many instructive materials are released to convey these trainings to individuals. Of these, Pinoo; makes coding and robotics more enjoyable and easier.

What is Pinoo?

Pinoo, which is mostly a domestic production, is an easy-to-use control card for coding and robotics, with its sensor connections.

Pinoo and Its Advantages

Pinoo eliminates the complexity of the arduino when designing projects, the pin and power connections in the circuit are provided with a single cable.

In addition to the coding education that started between the ages of 5-7, Pinoo also enables robotics education for those very early.

It offers the opportunity to create projects that can be easily designed and developed.

Pinoo contains all of the types of sensors available in the arduino, making these sensors simple and enjoyable to use.

It is used with a block-based coding that is quite fun and easy to learn with its own plugin package over Mblock.

Why should I buy Pinoo?

-      To learn coding and robotics together,

-      To eliminate the difficulty of Arduino,

-      To develop creative ideas and projects

For all of above purposes, we recommend meeting with Pinoo.