Project Based Learning

Students find themselves in a non-stop memorization marathon from the beginning of their school life. It is often not necessary to memorize information or keep writing and taking notes in order to learn and remember information. Students who experience project-based learning experience real learning behavior. This type of learning has been adopted all over the world because it focuses on the student and enables him to obtain the information he needs through direct experience. So what exactly is project-based learning , why do we really need it, and how does it work?

It's not an ordinary project

When you think of projects in the context of education, the first thing that probably comes to mind is simply the concept of “projects” in a unit. For example, in history class there might be a poster depicting specific historical events, and in science class students might talk about a topic about the human body. Simply put, they repeat facts they have read elsewhere without analyzing or experiencing them.

When faced with such projects, students often ask, “What use will I get from this in real life?” they think, and this is where project-based learning comes into play. The content of project-based learning is based on real-world problems that must be addressed creatively. Therefore, instead of forming an opinion about conductive objects based on what they learned from a textbook, students can test them themselves using them. Of course , Pinoo Coding Robotics Maker Training Sets are the biggest helpers of students to realize their projects.

Pinoo coding, robotics, maker training sets are a family of control cards, sensors, motors and modules developed for children and young people who are curious about technology to quickly and easily implement projects requiring coding, electronics and robotics.

Pinoolar is for children, teenagers, and technology-savvy adults with its ease of connection, block and text-based coding feature, wide variety of sensors and modules, training and project videos, STEM-compatible classified curriculum from 2nd grade to 12th grade, instructor trainings, user-oriented warranty and support. is an indispensable educational material for teachers and families.

Although the concept of Project Based Learning seems new and is often referred to as “21st Century Learning”. Although it is mentioned with "improving 21st century skills", it actually talks about "learning by doing". Greek philosophers emphasized the importance of experience-based learning, not just repetition of knowledge, and thus the foundations of project-based learning were laid.

Students create a portable project using Pinoo Sets to understand the working logic of the technologies they see in real life, and thus have the opportunity to experience them closely.

For example, students can create a washing machine project using a DC motor and button module, produce their own night lamp, or create a shoe wiper system to wipe their shoes. With the joystick module, they can produce game consoles that we frequently use in our daily lives. They can produce a smart pot project for watering flowers, a distance sensor and a barrier system that we often use in our daily lives. They can build their own remote control car, set up a doorbell system or an alarm system in their room.

Sample Projects:

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