Robotic Coding Projects

What is Robotics?

Robots are machines that can perform assigned tasks and be interacted with, called robotics. Robotics is the harmony of the parts that make up robots.

What is Coding?

It is a series of commands written to perform operations on a computer system or electronic circuit. There are coding programs suitable for all ages and levels. There is an application developed especially for young students to participate in this enjoyable adventure. For example; Scratch, mBlock, arduino, PinooBlock..

What are Robotics and Coding Projects?

They are formations where robotics and coding science are blended together. They are not just created by using computers and writing code, they must also activate a designed, physical structure. This requires electronic cards and sensors.

How to Do Robotics and Coding Projects?

All children, young people aged 7 and above, and all individuals who are interested in production can make hundreds of projects and invent inventions by using various robotics and coding sets. They can reflect the autonomous systems they see in daily life into projects. Can produce projects for the benefit of animals or humans. For example;

Primary School Students Coding and Robotics Projects

Coding and robotics projects developed by primary school students with Pinoo Coding Sets . In order from left to right

  • Tea Brewing Machine
  • Smart Item Dryer
  • Goal Counter
  • Remote Controlled Fish Feeder

Students, who carried out the robotics and coding phases of all projects themselves, acquired many 21st century skills such as teamwork, awareness of responsibility, communication and creativity. You can access hundreds of coding and robotics projects on our website that students and teachers will need to improve themselves and learn coding in school festivals, robotics competitions, summer holidays, technology and design courses.