Robotic Coding Sets

What is Robotic Coding Set?

These are kits that contain the sensors, modules and electronic cards that children, young people, families and all individuals interested in technology need to realize electronic and robotic projects.

What are the Features of Robotic Coding Set?

  • It develops children's problem-solving skills from a young age.
  • It encourages students to work in teams.
  • It improves motor skills.
  • It helps them understand the concept of algorithms.
  • It offers the opportunity to portable the autonomous systems they see in daily life.

What are Robotic Coding Sets?

At this point, we can introduce you to Pinoo , Turkey's most comprehensive robotics set, which enables all children aged 7 and above to easily code and develop projects. With dozens of sensors, modules, hundreds of projects, content and curricula , Pinoo Robotic Coding Sets also offer students a large knowledge base support.

What Can Be Done with Robotic Coding Sets?

Children can produce their own night lamp with robotic coding sets or create a shoe wiper system to wipe their shoes. With the joystick module in the robotic coding set, they can produce game consoles that we frequently use in our daily lives. They can create a smart flower pot project to water their flowers, or a height meter project for their room with a distance sensor. They can build their own remote control car, set up a doorbell system or an alarm system in their room. They can design smart signage systems with LCD display modules, earthquake simulation systems with tilt and impact sensors. They can develop their own thermometer that measures the humidity and temperature of the environment. Children can easily design and code these projects and much more with the Pinoo Robotics Coding Set .

How can we purchase the Robotic Coding Set?

You can purchase Turkey's most comprehensive Robotic Coding Set from the products section of the website . You can choose from many sets of sensors and modules for every need. If you need support on this issue, you can write to the live chat section or reach us through our contact numbers.