Will Robotization Keep Children Unemployed?

Robotization, which comes into our lives with the developing and changing technology, is one of the fears of people and brings the concept of unemployment with it. With the establishment of large factories and production facilities operating with robots, the idea that people who will need machine power and intelligence will be unemployed, not body strength, becomes widespread. However, the situation is not as simple as it might seem!


Using robots will make human life easier in every field and will allow your children to live in a more comfortable world in the future. The new generation, which can easily perform many operations with robots in the industrial field, in our daily life, in the education sector, in the health sector, will have the opportunity to focus on subjects based on reason and thinking. Well, will children be unemployed due to robotization or will different occupational groups emerge?


Robotization and the Future of Children


Although the idea that robots will take over humans has been a topic of discussion for many years, it should be said that robots will only have an effect that facilitates human life. Well, unemployment?


It is necessary to inform the children of a new world order in which digitalization has spread to every field and body strength is not preferred anymore. Robots take over the work of unskilled workers and activities carried out with physical strength. This causes some professions to be weakened. The professions chosen with the guidance of reason and science are preferred for the 21st century and beyond.


Are you curious about the professions that your children should choose in order to keep up with the new world order and not be under the threat of robotization? As Atölye Vizyon, we offer you professions that will not be overshadowed by robots and that will build the future.


The Most Remarkable Profession of the Century: Coding


Coding will be the most important area that enables your child to think, design and produce in the 21st century. Thanks to coding, children will be able to invent and design their own future. How would you like to meet Atölye Vizyon for coding that will not only guarantee a career for children, but also improve their interests, and benefit from its privileges?

By exploring the interests of your children who are curious and have the spirit of being inventors, we offer them a fun and informative environment. By supporting them to lay solid foundations in coding, we are eliminating the concern that robotization will leave children unemployed.


If you think that your child is interested in coding, and you want to raise individuals who think and produce instead of a consuming generation, you can start taking advantage of Atölye Vizyon immediately.