Pinoo for Classroom Teachers

In the education system, it is necessary to raise a generation that can find creative solutions to problems, think critically and work collaboratively, in short, equipped with 21st century skills, instead of individuals who are based on memorization, do not criticize and do not ask question. All these skills are planned to be acquired at an early age through coding training. At this point, the biggest task falls on the teachers.


Coding is not just limited to computer science. It is also very important in terms of interdisciplinary learning such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The approach in which these disciplines are given together is called STEM education. Within the scope of STEM education, integrating these areas with robotics and coding and giving them to children provides the concretization of abstract concepts that are difficult to understand.


For primary school children, the information they learn remains mostly abstract. In this context, robotics and coding are one of the most effective ways to embody information. Thus, learning becomes more meaningful and permanent.


Class teacher, plays a key role in the education process of students, as teachers who teach students in almost all lessons of the first level of primary education. In the early years of education, children actually learn to learn and are very open to exploration. In this process, it is very important to give coding to children with the right tools and guide them. Pinoo allows children to enter coding in an easy and fun way.


Classroom teachers have to master many areas. Considering the education that classroom teachers received in their academic life, it can be said that they did not receive coding training, and they almost learned the use of computers at a basic level. The matching of the doors and the sensors and modules on the Pinoo card with the help of colors, ease of connection and block-based visual coding will make it easier for classroom teachers. Seeing the ease, fun learning and unlimited project creation offered by the Pinoo card, our classroom teachers will be much more beneficial to their students with this motivation.


Classroom teachers can integrate Pinoo sets into their curriculum to make their lessons much more enjoyable. For example, they can easily make a game of matching synonyms in Turkish lessons, a robot used to solve speed problems in mathematics, a study describing the parts of our body in science lesson, and a map system that teaches geographical regions in social studies lesson with Pinoo sets. In this way, learning will become both more enjoyable, permanent and concrete.


By using Pinoo, you can start coding, producing and concretizing abstract concepts with children.