Coding Projects for Summer Vacation

Students have left behind a long school term and it is time for summer vacation. For those who want to spend their summer vacation as useful as the school term, improve themselves and learn while having fun, these suggestions are for you!

Pinoo Coding, Robotics and Maker Training Sets are a family of sensors, modules and engines developed for children aged 7 and above to easily learn coding and robotics. Students can make hundreds of projects with Pinoo Sets, benefit from many documents on our website, and watch the live production of projects from the videos on our YouTube channel. In this way, children who have the Pinoo set can access a lot of content.

We have compiled some of the projects made with Pinoo Sets for you:

  • Tea Brewing Machine with Pinoo

In this project, Pinoo control card, red, yellow and green LEDs, LCD display module, distance sensor and servo motor were used. When we put the cup into the machine, the distance sensor detects the cup and the servo motor starts brewing the tea. We can understand the status of the tea with the LEDs and warnings on the LCD screen.

  • Catapult with Pinoo

Pinoo control card, button module and servo motor were used in this project. When the button is pressed, the servo motor starts to move and throws the ball to the opposite side.

  • Radio with Pinoo

Pinoo control card, potentiometer module and buzzer were used in this project. When the potentiometer is turned, the melodies set on the buzzer start playing according to the pot value.

  • Zoetrope with Pinoo

In this project, Pinoo Control Card, DC motor and light detection sensor were used. When the value of the light detection sensor decreases, the DC motor starts to move and Zoetrope works. "We can define Zoetrope as a technology that makes the image appear to be moving by combining a series of images in rapid succession."

  • Goalkeeper Robot with Pinoo

In this project, Pinoo Control Card, servo motor and joystick module were used. We try to prevent the ball from entering the goal by moving the goalkeeper with the help of the joystick module.

You can also review the coding sets on our website to make enjoyable projects with Pinoo.