Pinoo Basic Set

What is Pinoo?


Pinoo; It is a control card developed for children aged 7 and over to code with Arduino more easily. It is an electronic circuit board that you can easily  connect all the sensors in the Arduino with a cable, and also ends  the cable clutter by gathering the pin complexity and power connections in the  Arduino in a single cable.




Pinoo Control Card

Arduino Nano

USB Cable

Cable * 5

Yellow Led Module

Green Led Module

Red Led Module

Buzzer Module

Distance Sensor

Rain Sensor

Light Sensor 

Servo Motor Module


  What Can Be Done With Pinoo?


Children can produce their own night light with the Pinoo robotic coding kit, or they can make a shoe wiper system to wipe their shoes. With the distance sensor, they can produce the barrier system we frequently use in our daily life. With the buzzer module, they can install a doorbell system or an alarm system in their room. They can make smart sink system with rain sensor or a wiper project, smart street light or smart passage systems with light sensor. Children can easily design and code these projects and much more with Pinoo.




Why should families buy Pinoo?


Every child is creative and every child expects to be discovered after it is discovered. Families should also introduce Pinoo, the indispensable product of technology, to discover and develop children's imagination, ability, and problem-solving skills. Because with Pinoo, children can easily produce and code every product of their dreams as a project.

  There are many features that Pinoo robotic coding kit that includes all the sensors in Arduino. Instead of jumper cables, we can easily integrate sensors into our projects with a single cable. With the ease of connection it offers, it can be easily integrated into the education by coding with the plug-in developed over mBlock.


What is the difference of Pinoo?


  ● It allows children aged 7 and over to easily design and code projects.

  ● Includes all the sensors in Arduino with a variety of sensors.

  ● Instead of jumper cables, the single cable entry option makes sensor connections easier.

  ● Educational material compatible with all mBlock versions with mBlock support.

  ● It allows you to make multiple projects and its own car kit with the materials in the box.

  ● Pinoo handbook offers children exemplary projects.

  ● You can share every problem with the technical support team.