Pinoo Joystick Module

What is a Joystick Module?

Joystick module is an integrated module that contains two potentiometers that can move in two axes. With the movement of these two potentiometers, a movement in 2 axes is obtained. As a result of the motion obtained in the X and Y axis, values ​​between 0 and 1023 are taken as a result of the values ​​read from the potentiometers. It can be used in many Arduino projects such as led burning, motor control, remote control car control.

What Can Be Done With The Joystick Module?

- Servo Motor Control

- Led Brightness Control

- Toolkit Control

- Used in many applications such as Goalie Robot.

What is Pinoo Control Card?

Pinoo; It is a control board developed for children aged 7 and above to be able to code with Arduino more easily. It is an electronic circuit board that allows you to easily connect all the sensors in the Arduino with a single cable, and at the same time gather the pin complexity and power connections in the Arduino in a single cable and put an end to the cable clutter. Developed by Atölye Vizyon.

What's the Pinoo Difference?

It enables children aged 7 and over to design and code projects easily. Includes all sensors in Arduino with a variety of sensors. The option of entering with a single cable instead of jumper cables facilitates sensor connections. A training material compatible with all mBlock versions with mBlock support. It allows him to make multiple projects and his own toolkit with the materials in the box. With the Pinoo handbook, sample projects are presented to children. You can share any problem with the technical support team.