Clothes that Control Body Temperature with Pinoo


 Purpose of the Project: To create a system that can continuously control body temperature with temperature and humidity sensor, led module and buzzer using the Pinoo Control Card.

Duration: 2 lessons

Age Group: 9 years and above

Pinoo Sets: Maker set and full set.



  • Learns to code Pinoo control card
  • Learns the temperature and humidity sensor coding.
  • Led module learns to code.
  • Buzzer module learns coding.
  • Improves the skill of setting up algorithms.
  • Improves coding skill.
Kullanılması Gereken Malzemeler: Mblock 3 program, Pinoo control card, Temperature and humidity sensor, buzzer module, Red and Green Led module, Connection cables




Materials Required for Design: A toy with clothing, sewing thread, needle, lighter.


Project Preparation:



We sew LEDs on the right and left shoulders of our toy's outfit. You can paste it if you wish.


We sew / stick the temperature and humidity sensor on the back neck of our toy's outfit.

We sew / glue the buzzer module to the back inner part of our toy's outfit.

 Let's make our connections. First, we attach the cables and pass the cables through the clothing and take them out from the bottom.

  • Our temperature and humidity sensor to Pinoo1 (purple) input,
  • Red led Pinoo2, green led Pinoo3 (purple) input,
  • We connect the buzzer module to the Pinoo4 (purple) input.


 We have completed our connections, now let's move on to the coding part. For this, we will use the mblock-3 application.




 Let's connect our Pinoo Control Card to the computer with the help of the connection cable and enter the Mblock3 application. Then, let's introduce our Pinoo Control Card to the computer. To do this, we first click on the serial port option from the Connect tab. Then we select COM3. (The number may differ according to the computer and the port.)

 After making the serial port connection, let's select the card we will use from the cards tab. We are working with Arduino Nano model.

 In order to add the Pinoo extension to our computer, we click on the manage extensions option from the extensions tab. In the window that opens, we type "Pinoo" in the search engine and just click download to the result. It has been installed on our computer.

 We go back to the Extensions tab. Here we click on the Pinoo option. We will write our codes with the Pinoo extension.

 In the coding part; We start our codes with the Pinoo program block in the Robots tab, since the temperature sensor can only run the code blocks, which are unique to the arduino board.


 We define the temperature and humidity sensor. For this, we take the command Prepare temperature and humidity sensor from the Robots tab and update the Pin number as Pinoo1.

If the body temperature of the wearer, that is the value measured by the sensor, is greater than 32 (we have determined an average value, you can change this value as you wish) (body temperature is rising), we warn you with a red LED and buzzer,


Even if the measured temperature value is less than 32, we want the green led to light up and let the person know that they are safe.


In order to control the temperature continuously, we take the code block from the control tab with repetition. In order to control the situation whether the temperature is greater or less than 32, we take the code block from the control tab, if not.


If the temperature value is greater than 32, we get the statement is greater than the operations tab in order to write the statement. In the first box, we write the Pinoo Temperature Read: No1 block from the Robots tab, and the expression 32 in the second box.


 If the temperature is higher than 32, we warn you with a red led and buzzer, let the green led representing trust go off.


If it is not greater than 32, we want the red LED representing the warning to turn off, only the green LED will light.


*** Be sure to check the pin numbers of your LEDs.

 We had to load our codes into Arduino to see if there was any problem in the operation of our project. For this, right click the Pinoo program on the code block and click the Upload to Arduino option.

 We are waiting for the codes to be uploaded to the card. After the installation is complete, we close the window.


When we start to control our project, initially the green LED should be on the garment. Then we heat the temperature and humidity sensor with the help of a lighter and increase its temperature. Within four to five seconds, the sensor should be warming up and warning us with a red led and buzzer.


*** The temperature and humidity sensor has a structure that heats up late and cools down late, so you need to be a little patient while controlling your project.


18. If there is no problem, we disconnect our power cable from the computer. We power our Pinoo control board with the help of a 9v battery and a battery cap. We also turn the on-off button right next to the battery input to the ON position.