Bluetooth Module (Hm-10)

Bluetooth Module (Hm-10)

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What is the Pinoo Bluetooth Module (Hm-10)?

Pinoo bluetooth module is a sensor board developed for children aged 7 and over to make projects with Arduino more easily. The Bluetooth module is easily connected with a single cable, eliminating cable confusion.

In cases where remote control is required in Pinoo projects, the first module that comes to your mind will be the bluetooth module. Bluetooth is a technology that allows computers, peripherals and other devices to communicate with each other without cable connection, even when they are out of sight. Bluetooth technology works in 2.4 GHz frequency band and is able to transmit voice and data. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. The Bluetooth Hm-10 Module can connect with phones with android and ios operating systems.

Table of Contents?

Pinoo Bluetooth Module

What Can Be Done With Pinoo Bluetooth Module?

Children can make multiple projects with the pinoo bluetooth module. By using the Bluetooth module with LED modules, they produce projects where they can remotely control smart curtain systems by using smart lighting systems, which are indispensable parts of smart homes, with dc motors. With the pinoo set, children can use their imaginations and creativity to produce very different and fun projects and easily code.

Why should families buy Pinoo?

Every child is creative and every child expects to be discovered after discovering. Families should introduce pinoo, which is an indispensable product of technology today, in order to discover and develop their imagination, talent and problem solving skills in children. Because with pinoo, children can easily produce and code every product of their dreams as a project.

There are many features offered by the pinoo robotic coding kit, which includes all sensors in Arduino. We can easily integrate sensors into our projects with a single cable instead of jumper cables. With the ease of connection it offers, it can be integrated into the training more easily by coding with the plug-in developed over mblock.

What is the difference between Pinoo and Pinoo Bluetooth Module?

It enables children aged 7 and over to design and code projects easily.

Instead of using jumper cables or a breadboard in the Pinoo bluetooth module, it is easily installed in the bluetooth module input section on the pinoo board.

Includes all sensors available on arduino with a variety of sensors.

A training material compatible with all mblock versions with Mblock support.

Allows you to make multiple projects and their own toolkit with the materials in the box.