Primary School (Packet-3)

Primary School (Packet-3)

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Package Included

WEEK 1: Thermometer System

WEEK 2: Apartment Earthquake Alarm System

WEEK 3: Solving Maze with Joystick

WEEK 4: Digital Meter

General information

Our Pinoo Primary School Series 3 package is four weeks old. Our weekly workshop time is 90 minutes.
Pinoo set is not included in our online training.
Classes consist of a maximum of five students.
If you do not have a Pinoo set, please visit for Pinoo Online / Primary School
You can purchase the Series 3 set. Consumables to be used in the set are also
are available. Workshops take place over Microsoft Teams infrastructure.
When you register, your account is created and the link document is shared with you.
Before the workshop, our support team will contact you to connect and apply
will perform the checks.
At the end of the workshop, Mind Map, Application Pdf File and Activity Plan are shared about our works.
After the workshop, 10-minute informative meetings are held with the parents.
The workshops are recorded by the instructors and shared with the parents.

Education Requirements:
Curiosity and willingness to learn
● Basic computer, keyboard and mouse skills
● Having the set to be used.

Technical Gains:
Remembers the use of the distance sensor.
Learns the use of the temperature sensor.
Learns the usage of LCD display module.
Learns the use of water level sensor.
 Learns the use of tilt and impact sensor.
It can print the values obtained from different sensors on the LCD display module.
 Learns to use the joystick module.

General Achievements
● Developing imagination and curiosity
● Comprehension of project-based work logic
● Development of Agile perspective
Developing self-confidence
● Development of self-expression skills
● Developing problem solving skills against the mistakes and problems encountered.
● Developing analytical thinking skills.