Pinoo Minoo Interactive Coding and Design Set
Pinoo Minoo Interactive Coding and Design Set
Pinoo Minoo Interactive Coding and Design Set

Pinoo Minoo Interactive Coding and Design Set

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What is Pinoo Minoo?

Pinoo Minoo is an electronic board for creating keyboard and mouse keys from conductive objects. Without the need for any programming knowledge, you can control all applications and games that you can manage with the keyboard and mouse with the keys you create thanks to Pinoo Minoo. Include the fun keys that you create with the help of conductive objects into your life, experience learning and fun together.

Table of Contents?

Pinoo Minoo electronic card, alligator cables, connection cable.

What Can Be Done With Pinoo Minoo?

With Pinoo Minoo, you can create keyboard and mouse keys using conductive objects and your imagination. For example; You can move the characters in your favorite games by creating direction keys with aluminum foil, and you can prepare a piano with play dough. With it, you can play a ring game with conductive wires and design educational games where you can learn English concepts with fruits.

All you have to do is connect the cables to the objects and the Pinoo Minoo board!

The rest is imagination ..

Why Should Families Buy Pinoo Minoo?

Every child is creative and every child expects to be discovered and then discovered. Families should introduce them to Pinoo Minoo, the indispensable product of technology today, in order to discover and develop their imagination, talent and problem solving skills in children.

In this way, they can both learn about conductive objects and create enjoyable content. With the ease of connection it offers, it can be integrated into the training more easily by coding through coding applications such as mBlock and Scratch.