Pinoo Tower Pro MG995 Servo Motor Module
Pinoo Tower Pro MG995 Servo Motor Module
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Pinoo Tower Pro MG995 Servo Motor Module

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What is Pinoo Servo Motor Module ?

Pinoo servo motor module is a sensor card developed for children aged 7 and above to make projects with Arduino more easily. Servo Motor Module one a single It is easily connected with a cable, eliminating cable confusion.
Servo motor is one of the most frequently used modules in projects. These motors, which can generally rotate between 0 and 180 degrees, are used in sensitive angled places such as robot arms, barrier systems, etc. Servo motors are designed to remain fixed at a desired angle, unlike DC motors.

Contents ?

Pinoo Servo Motor and Module

What Can Be Done With Pinoo Servo Motor Module?

Children can do multiple projects with Pinoo servo motor module. They can make projects such as a barrier system by using the servo motor module with the distance sensor, a tea brewing machine using it with a light-sensing sensor, and a castle control game by using it with the joystick module. Children can realize any project they can think of with the Pinoo servo motor.

Why Should Families Get Pinoo?< /p>

Every child is creative and every child expects to explore and then be discovered. In order to discover and develop children's imagination, talent and problem-solving skills, families should introduce them to Pinoo, which is an indispensable product of technology today. Because with Pinoo, children can easily produce and code any product of their dreams as a project.
There are many features offered by the Pinoo robotic coding kit, which includes all the sensors in the Arduino. Instead of jumper cables a single < With /span>cable, we can easily integrate sensors into our projects. With the ease of connection it offers, it can be coded and integrated into education more easily with the plug-in developed over mBlock.

What is the Difference Between Pinoo and Pinoo Servo Motor Module ?< /strong>

It enables children aged 7 and over to design and code projects easily.
Instead of using jumper cables or breadboard on Pinoo servo motor modulesingle cable provides ease of connection.
The servo motor connection is connected to the ports 1,2,3,4,5,6 on the Pinoo board with the help of a single cable.
Contains all sensors in Arduino with sensor diversity.
A training material compatible with all mBlock versions with mBlock support.
Allows you to make multiple projects and your own toolkit with the materials in the box.
You can share any problem with the technical support team.