Children & Pinoo

The skills that students should have in the changing world and education system have also differed. One of these skills is technology literacy.

To meet the needs of their age, children should also be aware of the renewed technology and be involved in this process over time. At this point, the importance of coding at a young age comes into play. Therefore, children should translate their route to the new language of the 21st century, coding.

Permanent learning takes place if solid foundations are laid on this long journey, which is suitable for all age groups. Children can reconcile what they learn with the technology they encounter in daily life. As a result, the child begins to question the logic and mechanism of the technological products he sees.

The curious child queries, the inquiring child discovers innovations and reveals the spirit of the researcher to learn more. We should also set a path for our curious inventors to step into this world and progress along with our endless support.

Students at primary and secondary education level can step into the world of coding with the help of block coding practices. In order to support these steps and to realize larger steps to be taken by students, turning the applications made into projects into concrete objects makes a great contribution to them.

Every student is an inventor, waiting to be discovered. This can only be achieved with the products that they produce as a result of dealing with technological materials. As Atolye Vizyon, we introduce students a new control card to make more inventions and produce projects, PINOO.

Pinoo, named after the endless world of pins and coding, is a unique opportunity for students to combine coding with robotics and produce projects. Composed of the harmony of numbers and colors, this card will bring a new breath to the coding adventures of the students.

Pinoo, where coding takes place in the form of blocks with the help of matching sensors and pins, gives every student the chance to be a small inventor.

With variety of sensors, easy connection and constantly developed content, children will love Pinoo.

Every child can realize their dreams by using Pinoo.

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