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Pinoo; It is a control card developed for children aged 7 and over to code with Arduino more easily. It is an electronic circuit board that you can easily connect all the sensors in the Arduino with a cable, and also ends the cable clutter by gathering the pin complexity and power connections in the Arduino in a single cable.

What Can Be Done With Pinoo?

With the help of more than 30 sensors, projects can be done effectively, which children and young people can use and improve their imagination by Pinoo. Pinoo, where coding takes place in the form of blocks, helps to the matching of sensors and pins, gives every student the chance to be a small inventor. By the help of the variety of sensors, easy connection and constantly developed content, children will love Pinoo. Every child will be able to realize their dreams using Pinoo.

With Pinoo, children can produce their own night lights at home or develop a system for wiping their shoes. They can produce their own thermometers that measure the humidity and temperature of the air, or they can invent games where they collect gold and earn points as they jump through the distance sensor. They can build their own remote-controlled vehicles, install a doorbell system or an alarm system in their rooms. They also can create a smart potting project and many more games and projects to water their flowers.

What are the Advantages of Pinoo?

Pinoo works integrated with the Arduino and eliminates the complexity of the Arduino when designing projects. The pin and power connections in the circuit are provided with a single cable.

 In addition, to the coding education started between the ages of 5-7, robotics education in children is also begins very early with Pinoo.

It offers the opportunity to create projects that can be easily designed and developed.

Pinoo contains all of the types of sensors available in the arduino, making these sensors simple and fun to use.

It is used with a block-based coding that is quite fun and easy to learn with its own plugin package over Mblock.

Why should I buy Pinoo?

To learn coding and robotics together,

To eliminate the difficulty of Arduino,

To develop creative ideas and projects, we recommend meeting with Pinoo.


Starting out with its 20 years of experience, Atölye Vizyon team witnessed the last period in which technology developed rapidly. Focusing on the use of technology in education, to transfer the experience we gained, to children and young people.

Attracting attention with its value-added work in a short time, Atölye Vizyon continues to work with Angel Investorship of Mr. Tuğrul Tekbulut, the Chairman of the LOGO Group, at full speed.

The works based on imagination, design, creativity, production, entrepreneurship and talent, and the development of a new perspective on the rapidly developing technology of children, youth and their families form the basis of Atölye Vizyon.

Atölye Vizyon aims to create awareness with coding, robotics, design, 3D printers and maker workshops; serves children and young people between the ages of 5-15 in 3 branches in Ataşehir, Kurtköy and Gebze.

Atölye Vizyon continues its activities in the following fields with years of experience.

- Corporate projects (project development, implementation)

- Coding, robotics, maker and hobby workshops,

- Expert mentor support,

- Corporate activities, events and workshops,

- Instructor workshops,

- Coding and robotic workshop setup,

- Maker workshop setup,

- Social responsibility and sponsorship projects,

- Content and technology consultancy on working topics.