Initiating Digital Transformation in Education with Education 4.0

When you look at it today, we live in an age where creativity and innovation are increasingly necessary. As parents, the aim of most of us is for our children to keep up with the times, to follow technology, to be more creative, more productive and of course to learn new things for these reasons...

The most needed competencies in individuals today are creativity, productivity, innovation and problem-solving skills; It requires the development of communication and cooperation, flexibility and adaptation, initiative and responsibility awareness. Because only an environment where creativity and productivity are supported can provide a real learning experience and new ideas can emerge.

However, within the current system and daily flow, children and young people cannot complete their individual development sufficiently and therefore cannot find the opportunity to be productive enough, enterprising enough and creative enough. Because we design the future with what we need to know in the past! As John Dewey said, "If we educate today's children with yesterday's methods, we steal their future." Moreover, while these children were born into this technology...

Dr. Maria Montessori has a very nice saying about this very situation: "You cannot put into the child's mind what you do not put in his hands."

However, childhood and adolescence are the best opportunities to try more, make more mistakes and learn from our mistakes.

If we provide experience-based learning instead of just giving a cognitive command to approach the fire, this experience will return to us as the ability to take initiative in the future.

So let's let them try, let's let them discover. Let them take more risks and find enough self-confidence.

Here, Education 4.0 is an experience-based education system that uses digital technologies instead of the memorization-based system and responds to the needs of the world with personalized education.

The aim of education should not be content transfer. Accessing information is now very easy. That's why we need individuals who produce content rather than individuals who consume content, because no matter what professional group they belong to, especially the use of technology will take our children one step further. Of course, if we give it the opportunity and direct it correctly... Because we have an innovative generation that is very ready for this.

They want to make changes and leave their own mark by producing a new generation.

We are trying to stop children from inventing things. But that's exactly what kids are all about: Inventing. They want to discover things. They follow innovations very well and use technology very well.

Now children teach their parents. This new generation is a generation that is moving faster than we have ever traveled before. They learn coding and can open a web page on their own. Because we now have an indispensable internet technology that will accompany us in the future development processes.

While we act with the culture of doing no harm, they investigate, are curious and do not hesitate to tamper. They are braver and more enterprising than us.

As Albert Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." '' So how can we expect our children to be creative by conditioning them to always find the predetermined correct answer? Programs provide a framework, you will fill it in. Creativity is the capacity to imagine and realize something new, to create, to find a new and original solution to a particular problem.

The era of designing the future with what we know from the past is over. We aim to raise a new generation of technology-oriented engineers and scientists through design, robotic coding, algorithm and scratch studies, so that your child can be individuals who can use their creativity in the most effective way by revealing their imagination and develop technological solutions to problems.

Now, instead of looking for the right answer, we need people who have the capacity to create different answers. If the system does not renew itself, we will renew it, we will work according to our own system. Because education 4.0 requires this.

Education 4.0 is the new wave of digital transformation that is changing the way we learn and teach. Digital transformation refers to the increased use of technology in education. These technologies include smart boards, tablets, computers, mobile devices and other online tools. These technologies provide students with more interactive experiences, make the learning process more fun, and will improve the quality of learning.

Digital transformation enables educational institutions to access a variety of resources from around the world, making learning more accessible than ever before. With this increased access comes increased opportunities for students to develop skills in robotics, coding, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies that will be required in the future job market. It is revolutionizing the education system by introducing robotic coding, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies to help students be more engaged and better prepared for their future careers.

Robotic coding is becoming an increasingly important part of education 4.0 as it helps students better understand programming languages, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking. This technology also allows teachers to create more engaging lessons tailored to each student's individual needs.

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