Coding Is Everywhere In Our Lives

Coding is everywhere in our lives! Coding equals life. Most of the things around us that we encounter at every moment but are not aware of are coded.

Let's examine it with examples:

There are things we do routinely every day. Every morning we leave the house and go to school or work, right? Although we have automated these works, when we think a little more, we can explain every process we do in order.

Every morning;

I woke up.

I got out of bed.

I washed my hands and face.

I had my breakfast.

I brushed my teeth.

I changed my clothes.

I left the house.

etc. We live the steps. Of course, these steps can be duplicated and modified. In fact, even the order of steps is important in these automatic tasks such as waking up and leaving the house. For example, we cannot wash our hands before getting out of bed. This is how coding is, it should consist of logically sequential steps. In its simplest form, coding is speaking the language that computers can understand, it is the whole of the work to be done and all the steps are processed in order. We call these steps an algorithm. Our previous example was the home exit algorithm.

So, how do my steps to get out of this house and the coding of a robot are linked? This is where the issue of algorithms comes into play. You code a robot to perform given tasks. Whatever his task is, you must tell him each step in turn. Just as I cannot wash my hands and face before getting out of bed, there is a logical sequence, and this is the case in the task we expect from a robot. The robot does what we say and we have to say each step individually as we want.

Yes, coding is everywhere in our lives. Although we may not realize it in our automated lives, coding is everywhere in our lives, at the doors we pass by, in our homes and shopping malls. Shopping mall doors opened with the help of sensors, barriers equipped with license plate recognition system, smart safe systems in markets...

Coding lies behind all these processes.

As technology develops, the number of examples from our lives will increase. Let's take a look at agricultural technologies.

A farmer goes to his field every morning to produce crops. This situation, which requires a lot of workload, has changed with the introduction of technology into our lives. Now a smart era has started in irrigation systems. Soil moisture values ​​that can be controlled with the help of sensors and remotely controlled field models were developed. Farmer no more irrigation, etc. Instead of thinking about transactions, it has turned to different areas such as increasing product yield and increasing sales. If a person spends more time thinking, success will follow.

The areas where technology exists are innumerable. Education, health, transportation… coding is everywhere now. Day by day, coding continues to be everywhere in our lives.

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