What Should We Consider When Choosing a Coding and Robotics Workshop?


1. The fact that the students participating in the workshops are in the same age range supports the motivations and sociality of the students while performing the learning action.

2. The number of students attending the workshops should not exceed 5-8 people. In this way, each student can communicate better with the instructor.

3. The greater the variety of content and materials offered in the workshops, the more students' willingness to participate in the lesson and their interest in the subjects increase.

4. If the course contents are based on project-based learning, the student will gain experience by doing and experiencing.

5. Contents presented in the workshop should be able to present the developing technology and its products to the students, to inform the students about the technological developments.

6. Workshops should have a staff of expert and experienced instructors

7. Instructors should present content to students in accordance with the interdisciplinary education model.

8. Workshops should provide a suitable environment for students to work. It should contain ergonomic and comfortable components.