Can Coding Education Be Provided in Schools?

We've been hearing the word coding a lot lately. We are aware that professions are changing with the development of technology. We call coding a skill that needs to be learned. So, where and how should we start? Can kids learn to code at school? Before moving on to this topic, let's examine the concept of coding. Coding is speaking a language that computers can understand. It is a set of actions that must be performed in a certain order. Thanks to coding, we can do a lot of work depending on our imagination. Our own games, game consoles, bluetooth controlled vehicles and much more…

 It is very important to give coding education from a young age. In this sense, it is very important to start coding education in schools.

Well, how should the coding education process in schools be?

A person who says that we give coding education in schools first of all must be a CEIT (Computer and Instructional Technologies Education) graduate and have a formation certificate. Otherwise, wrong choices can be made to start coding.

If a wrong start is made in coding education, students are afraid of the concept of coding and even if the need for that field is known, it is thought to be very difficult and given up. The first issue to be considered in coding education at school is at what level students will work. It will be very exciting for students to start coding with fun tools suitable for their level. It will increase their desire to learn and offer them the opportunity to open the doors of other worlds. Giving coding education to students at school can only be possible when attention is paid to these issues. When these conditions are met, children and young people who can produce their own games and set up their electronic circuits will be more successful in life. We can only look to the future with confidence with individuals who are self-confident, have problem-solving skills, and can work collaboratively, that is, with 21st century skills. Coding is one of the most enjoyable ways to gain these skills. In addition, abstract concepts such as Science, Turkish and Mathematics that students encounter in their school life can be easily taught with coding education. Both abstract concepts are embodied and learning becomes more enjoyable. Enjoyable learning also increases the permanence of knowledge. The biggest task in coding education at school falls to us, the teachers. Computer teachers and branch teachers should work together to enrich the curriculum. Subjects that are difficult to explain should be animated and designs should be created with models. Organizing events in this way will enable the administration, teachers, students and parents to make a difference.

 Coding is a skill that needs to be learned and it gives us new abilities. Don't be afraid to try to gain new skills and take action to learn coding.

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Hümeyra DERE