10 Reasons To Buy Pinoo

Science and technology are changing and developing rapidly in today's world. This situation directly affects individuals who want to take place in many areas from daily life to business world.

With the developing and changing technology, individuals are expected to have 21st century skills, such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking, high communication skills, good command of group work. Basic 21st century skills such as STEM + A, programming, algorithm building skills, creative thinking associated with 21st century skills are supported by many governments and private institutions. Coding education is of great importance in understanding, using and producing technology in the formation of all these skills.

Coding and robotics studies have also had a great impact on the change in technology in the last 10 years. There are many programs and electronic control cards for learning robotics and coding. Basic control boards such as Pinoo and Arduino are of great importance for makers of all ages, especially children and teenagers, in programming. 

Individuals of all ages who receive coding and robotics education can comprehend coding in a more concrete, fun and permanent way. The benefits of studying coding and robotics with Pinoo are;


  1. It provides easy learning using plug-code-and-play logic
  2. It does not require complicated connections.
  3. Being coded with block-based coding improves the algorithm logic.
  4. It can be easily programmed through popular and easy-to-use programs such as Mblock.
  5. Curriculum and hundreds of project content. The range of sample projects required for individuals of all ages to gain ideas is quite wide. Providing curriculum support at a level that can be taught to children in adults is another advantage.
  6. Design, imagination, sharing and producing are the cornerstones, and the technical support team can be reached easily when needed.
  7. It saves us from the difficulty of finding parts and the cost encountered in the use of materials from abroad, and its durability and strenght are high.
  8. By using all modules and sensors of Pinoo, you can produce projects that exist or you dream of.
  9. Lifetime access. 
  10. Provides 21st century skills.