Homeschooling with Pinoo

Is it possible to homeschool with Pinoo? What do we need when homeschooling with Pinoo? Who can study at home with Pinoo? You can find the answers to all your questions in this article.

It is up to us to take advantage of this period when we are all confined to our homes, and to develop our skills such as productivity, creativity and problem solving. You can take up many hobbies such as painting, discovering new movies, playing music, trying new recipes in the kitchen. But if you want to go beyond getting a hobby, learn to code, and do it with robotic sets, if you are interested in the maker movement, if you like to produce and discover, learn about technological innovations, Pinoo is a great start for you. Teachers, children, parents, in short, anyone who wants to improve themselves can easily learn Pinoo at home. All you need for this is a sense of interest and curiosity.

Homeschooling with Pinoo is easy and fun. How Does? Pinoo control card offers the convenience of connecting sensors and modules with a single cable. It does not require any electronics knowledge. As you do not experience cable clutter, you can also find out which door to connect to with the colored labels on the sensors and modules. Thus, the problems that may arise from the connection are eliminated and you can spend more time on the stages of your projects such as planning, coding and design.

Pinoo control card is offered for sale in different sets, as well as you can access additional sensors and modules separately. You do not need to buy a set to buy the sensors or modules you need in the project you are designing. When you buy a Pinoo set, online training is given to you and you have the opportunity to receive training from expert trainers. In case of any problem that may occur in Pinoo products, 24/7 live support, warranty and product exchange service are also provided.

If you have one of the Pinoo sets, it is possible to improve yourself apart from the online trainings you receive. You can benefit from hundreds of project videos on the website or on the Pinoo Robotics Youtube channel. Thus, regardless of time and place, you can study at home with Pinoo, easily learn the connections of sensors or modules, how they are coded and what kind of projects can be done. Thanks to these resources, which include project ideas, design suggestions, connection and coding stages, you can join the Maker Movement and reveal your inner creativity. While doing all this, of course, you may encounter problems. Remember that there is a solution hidden in every problem and the important thing is to find creative solutions to the problems. As the Pinoo family, although we are with you at every stage, our aim is to contribute to the growth of individuals who can solve problems, produce, design, look differently, and produce products that are beneficial for themselves and their environment.

As we finish this article, we will not be able to pass without making a small request. If you have entered the magic world of Pinoo and started learning, you will see that it is very easy to learn and produce with Pinoo. We would be very happy if you share the photos or videos of the projects you produce with us on our social media addresses and talk about your experiences. Welcome to our Pinoo family…

Canan Konyaoglu