Pinoo and Stem+A

In the rapidly changing world in the 21st century, societies; need for qualified manpower is increasing day by day. In order to raise qualified people in the digitalized world, we need a qualified education model instead of the traditional rote-based education model. At this point, we should talk about the STEM + A education model.

What is STEM + A?
It is an educational model in which the disciplines of science, technology,
engineering, mathematics (math) and art (art) are handled as a whole.
The STEM + A education model, which is implemented using 21st century
skills, has an integrative feature that brings together different perspectives in the training of future engineers and scientists.
Thanks to STEM + A education, students develop their self-efficacy by using
creative, original and artistic designs while making inventions, developing
products and designing the products they develop, using the knowledge they
have learned in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art classes together.
Unlike rote education, STEM + A education aims to highlight students;
curiosity, research and creativity. It enables them to learn actively through trial
and error, to gain problem solving skills by using their creativity, to think
critically, to be in interdisciplinary cooperation and most importantly to keep
their "curiosity" feelings alive. Because we know that;
"If the child is curious, he learns more easily."
Then, at every stage of education, we should use materials that can attract the
attention of our children, stimulate their curiosity, and also support the STEM +
A education model. Pinoo is exactly one of these materials.

What is Pinoo?
Pinoo is an electronic control board developed for children to be able to code
with Arduino more easily. It is very easy to use with the colors and numbers on
it. Well, did you know that the connections of dozens of sensors on the Arduino
are made with a single cable with Pinoo. While the dream of a single cable that children of all ages can easily create their own unique project is enough to excite us, who knows what more will we discover when we meet Pinoo?

Why should Pinoo be in STEM + A education model?

In the STEM + A model with interdisciplinary cooperation, children have the
opportunity to get to know many sensors and electronic parts closely and to
concretize concepts using the Pinoo robot set. Children can create a product by using the fields of science, mathematics, technology and engineering together in their original projects with the Pinoo robot and making an artistic touch to their latest projects.
In addition, Pinoo enables group work or individual work while supporting
interdisciplinary collaboration. Take the Pinoo set and be one step closer to your engineering wonder project, so that you can produce the technologies we will need in the future as an innovative, productive individual who can realize what you think and protect our existence in the future.