Robotics coding workshop and Pinoo Training Sets

One of the most important issues when setting up a robotic coding workshop is an instructor who is interested in the subject, curious, loves children and loves teaching.

Afterwards, the materials, content and curriculum you will use will come into play. In general, the following headings are the basic equipment that should be present in a workshop.

Robotic coding training sets,
3D printers,
3D pencils,
Hand tools,
Wooden design tools or machines,

Pinoo robotic coding training sets are indispensable for educators, managers and children in the field of robotic coding training sets.

So what makes Pinoos indispensable?

1 - Easy connection. All Pinoo sensors and modules are connected easily, error-free and logically within 2 seconds with a single cable.

2 - Educational contents. On the Pinoo website, one hundred and thirty sample projects are explained step by step. You can do many fun projects yourself.

3 - Curriculum. Pinoo, which has a 28x11-year curriculum from 2nd grade to 12th grade, is the greatest assistant of instructors with its flow diagrams, mind maps, presentations, training videos and codes.

4 - Pinoo Studio. Scratch + Pinoo = Pinoo Studio - With Pinoo Studio, you can easily code all the sensors and modules in your set and realize the project you have in mind with understanding and pleasure.

5 - Warranty and Support. Pinoo sets have a two-year warranty. The probability of malfunction is very low. In case of malfunction, a one-to-one replacement is made quickly.

6 - Education. You can receive online or face-to-face training on the subjects you are having problems with Pinoo and continue to invent without interruption.

7 - Compatibility. Pinoo Arduino IDE is compatible with Python and mBlock, and if you are used to these editors, you can use it immediately.

8 - IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Pinoo advanced curriculum is prepared based on Python and Artificial Intelligence.

9 - Proper numbers. It has a reasonable price compared to its Pinoo counterparts and it fully deserves the price you give it.

10 - Lego compatibility. Pinoo control card and sensors/modules are Lego compatible. You can integrate dozens of sensors and modules into your Legos.