Robotic Coding and Pinoo

Coding the Future for Children


Nowadays, when we live in the age of technology, coding and robotics are among the most important skills for our children's future. Robotic coding teaches children important skills such as problem solving, creative thinking and teamwork. Pinoo, a start-up originating from Turkey, offers an easy-to-use platform for children and educators. In this article, we will provide detailed information about robotic coding and Pinoo's contributions in this field.

What is Robotic Coding?

Robotic coding is the process of controlling a robot or automated system using a computer programming language. Essentially, this is necessary for a robot to be able to perform various tasks. In this way, children acquire basic skills such as algorithmic thinking and logic.

Advantages of Pinoo

Pinoo makes robotic coding much easier and accessible for children. Here are a few advantages:

User-Friendly Interface

Pinoo's coding platform has an interface that children can easily understand.

Wide Application Area

Thanks to Pinoo kits, children can make projects not only in robotics, but also in IoT projects, smart home systems and many more.

Turkish Support

The fact that Pinoo was developed in Turkey means that resources and support are provided in Turkish. This is a big advantage for local users.


Pinoo makes robotic coding more accessible with affordable price options.


Robotic coding is one of the indispensable skills of the 21st century for children. Platforms such as Pinoo offer user-friendly and affordable solutions to provide this important skill. You can start today with a Pinoo set to code your child's future.

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