Why Should Technology Design Teachers Buy a Pinoo?

Technology is advancing very fast. A technological device that is very new today is getting old after a week. For this reason, it has become difficult to keep up with technology. The technology and design course taught in schools aims to enable students to make designs integrated with technology. With these trainings, it is aimed that students can become individuals who can keep up with rapidly changing technology.
   Thus, Technology Design teachers are in a guiding position in ensuring that children gain awareness while developing their own profession and skills.
   Design has a great place in technology. While making technological design; It is revealed by difference, innovation and creative thinking. When designing technology, the most important thing is to be creative. For this reason, new thoughts and creative thoughts should be at the forefront.
   In projects with Pinoo, system setup and project design depend entirely on imagination and creativity. Each child can add different comments to projects for the same purpose.
   With Pinoo, while teachers develop themselves first, they can also provide an environment where our children, who are the basis of our future, can realize these technologies and produce their own technologies instead of consuming them.
   Pinoo will inspire teachers and students to develop creative ideas and projects.