Community 5.0 and Coding

Community 5.0 is a social philosophy that will manage the ever-developing technological power correctly. In order for people to change the world in the future, there is a need for new ideas and creativity along with imagination to bring these ideas to life.

So where is the coding in this?

The vision of Society 5.0 includes the process of people's ability to manage and use technology in a way that suits their own needs instead of doing what technology dictates to people in the future. Society 5.0 will bring new professions with it. There are many skills that need to be acquired in order for children to adapt to new professions. These skills are 21st Century skills. It is a great advantage to introduce children to coding to prepare them for this future and to gain the skills they need.

With the growth of the community 5.0 perception, the welfare level in the society will increase and it will bring a more comfortable lifestyle. Technology is advancing and the impact of manpower is diminishing thanks to the benefits of robotization and coding. If the physical areas we use and the technology are strongly integrated with each other, the concept of super smart society defined by Society 5.0 is formed. While imagining all this, Society 5.0 and Coding become inseparable, complementary and supportive whole.

At this point, Pinoo Coding and Robotics Sets come into play. Children who are interested in coding expand their imagination, increase their creativity, develop analytical thinking, shape and space perception. Pinoo Coding and Robotics Sets, with the advantages they provide, enable children to complete their coding education in the easiest and fun way. Children who learn to code are successful in their social and school life.

According to research, our children can change between 8 and 10 jobs after graduation. What is expected from our children here is to be individuals who are open to transformation, able to express themselves, adapt to the process, and possess emotional flexibility and 21st century skills. In this robotizing process, the most important characteristics that distinguish our children and young people from robots and do not restrict the work area are that they have every skill that makes human beings human. For all these, studies are carried out at an early age from kindergartens to universities. Coding and robotics are one of these tools.

As the Atölye Vizyon family, we, as the Coding Robotics and Maker workshop, are not a knowledge-based workshop, but with our perspective based on discovering and discovering talents, revealing the entrepreneurial spirit in children, expanding their imagination and lifelong learning, we are with our children and youth that we will entrust.

With coding, children develop their critical thinking, cooperation, awareness and curiosity and prepare themselves for the future technology world. With Pinoo Coding and Robotic Sets, their material usage skills are improved and they support them to be solution-oriented in the face of problems.

Society 5.0 and Coding will be shaped and developed together in the perception of the future society.

Technology and coding are tools that are mastered in all areas of our lives. In all stages that society 5.0 perception characterizes, coding training is an absolute learning. At this point, the best step that

can be taken will be to prepare children for the future, and to adapt them to the Community 5.0 model with Pinoo Coding and Robotic Sets, which are very easy to use and learn.

If you want to prepare your children for the future world with technology and coding, it is time to show your children what they can do with awareness, correct use of technology and imagination by meeting Atölye Vizyon and Pinoo Coding and Robotic Sets!