LCD Screen Extension File

Click the link below to install the NewLiquidCrystal library on your computer!


Let's download the NewLiquidCrystal library to our computer. It will download as a .zip file.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that mBlock program is closed while performing these operations.

Then let's open the folder where our mBlock program is installed.

Let's follow this extension: Computer - System(C:) - Program Files - mBlock - Arduino. Let's open the Arduino folder inside the mBlock folder. And let's right-click the arduino.exe file and run it as administrator.

In the Arduino program that opens, let's click Draft - Include Library - Add zip Library.

Let's select the NewLiquidCrystal 1.3.5 zip file that we downloaded to our computer. Let's say Open and our library addition process is completed.

Let's close Arduino when we see the Library added warning. Now we can use our LCD screen.