Distance Sensor with Pinoo and Arduino IDE

What is a Distance Sensor?

Ultrasonic distance sensor measures with an accuracy of 3mm. The measuring range is between 2-400 cm. Thanks to the Pinoo module, it can be easily connected to the ports with a single cable. There are 2 parts on the ultrasonic distance sensor. These; transmitter and receiver parts. The transmitter part sends the sound wave, if there is an object in front of it, it hits and reflects. The receiver part captures the reflected sound wave. During this process, the time elapsed is calculated and gives the distance.

What Can Be Done With an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor?

- Robot Stopping When Observing Obstacle

- A Robot That Runs When It Seeing Obstacles

- Smart Slippers

- Used in many applications such as Height Meter.

What is Pinoo Control Card?

Pinoo; It is a control board developed for children aged 7 and above to be able to code with Arduino more easily. It is an electronic circuit board that allows you to easily connect all the sensors in the Arduino with a single cable, and at the same time gather the pin complexity and power connections in the Arduino in a single cable and put an end to the cable clutter. Developed by Atölye Vizyon.