Servo Motor Module with Pinoo and Arduino IDE

What is Servo Motor?

Servo motor is defined as a drive system that performs error-free angular-linear position, speed and acceleration control in mechanisms. In other words, it is a movement controlled mechanism. It rotates between 0 and 180 degrees. How to Connect Servo Motor to Pinoo Module? Servo motor cables consist of 3 colors and each color has a meaning. -Yellow cable: Pin (D0) -Red cable: Power (5v) -Brown cable: Ground (GND) These cables must be installed according to the module values.

What Can Be Done With Servo Motor?

- Robot Arm

- Smart Dustbin

- Used in many applications such as Parking System.

What is Pinoo Control Card?

Pinoo; It is a control board developed for children aged 7 and over to code with Arduino more easily. It is an electronic circuit board that allows you to easily connect all the sensors in the Arduino with a single cable, and also collects the pin complexity and power connections in the Arduino in a single cable and puts an end to cable clutter. Developed by Atölye Vizyon.