PinooBot Toolkit Box Opening

PinooBot Tool Kit Contents

• Pinoo Control Card

•Arduino Nano

•USB Cable

• Sensor Connection Cable * 5

•Bluetooth Modüle

•Distance Sensor

•Line Tracking Sensor

•Dc Motor * 2


•Wander Wheel


•9V Battery

•Battery Hat

With the PinooBoot Tool Kit Set, you can make many enjoyable projects; Line Following Robot, Obstacle-Avoiding Robot, Desk-Free Robot, Wall-Following Robot are just some of them, stay tuned for dozens more projects😉



What is Pinoo Control Card?

Pinoo; It is a control board developed for children aged 7 and over to code more easily with Arduino. It is an electronic circuit board that can easily connect all the sensors in the Arduino with a single cable, and also ends the cable clutter by gathering the pin complexity and power connections in the Arduino in one cable. Developed by Workshop Vision.


What Can Be Done With Pinoo?

Children can produce their own night light with Pinoo or they can make a shoe wiper system to wipe their shoes. They can produce a smart flower pot project, distance sensor, and barrier system that we often use in our daily life to water their flowers. They can build their own remote control vehicle, install a doorbell system or an alarm system in their room. With LCD display module, they can design smart signage system, slope and impact sensor and earthquake simulation systems. They can develop their own thermometer that measures the humidity and temperature of the environment. Pinoo enables children to easily produce and code every product of their dreams as a project.