Open Door With Bt Control

 Project Purpose: To make a BT controlled door opening project using Pinoo control card, bluetooth sensor, servo motor.

Duration: 2 lessons

Age Group: 9 years and older


• Learns to code Pinoo control card.

• Learns to use a Bluetooth sensor.

• Learns to use servo motor.

• Improves the skill of setting up algorithms.

• Improves coding skill.



Materials to be used: Mblock 3 program, Pinoo control card, bluetooth sensor, servo motor.

Note: The bluetooth controller application must be downloaded to an android phone. We will run it by phone.


Materials Required for Design: Wood pieces, acrylic paint and brush, colored cardboard, piece of aluminum wire, silicone gun and silicone.



Project Preparation:


1. For our project, let's start with the house design of the door opening system.



We paint wooden pieces with acrylic paint.



We design the exterior of a house. (We connect two of the 4 large wooden pieces horizontally for the floor. We silicon the other 2 large pieces horizontally on the sides. We will use the small pieces as the door. We stick one of them.



We design the roof with cardboard.



We also cover the outer part of the roof. (View from the back)



It will look like this from the front.



Let's place the other door like this without silicone.



We paint the doors.



After painting the door, we remove it and silicon the servo motor as shown in the figure.



This is how we bend the piece of aluminum wire.



We silicon one end of the servo motor as shown in the figure.



We silicone the door to the other end of the aluminum wire.



It will look like this from the interior.



Since the other door is a bit in the foreground, we remove this door and make a little joint so that it can stand in line.



We provide the connection cable of the servo motor with the follow pinoo.



We plug in the USB connection cable to the pinoo and to the computer. Now we can move on to the coding part.

(We will install the Bluetooth module after uploading to the card.)


2.Adding Pinoo extension:


From the Extensions tab, we click on the "Manage Extensions" option.

In the window that opens, we type "Pinoo" into the search engine and simply say download to the result.

It was installed on our computer.



3.Connecting the Pinoo sensor board to the computer:


In Mblock 3, we click on the "Connect" tab on the upper left.



We click on the "Serial Port" section from the window that opens and select the "COM6" option from the page that opens. NOTE: Since the port entries of each computer are different, the numbers next to the COM text may change.



We click on the ‘’Cards’’ tab..



We select the "Arduino Nano" card option used by the pinoo sensor card from the window that opens.



We click on the Extensions tab.



In the window that opens, we select the extension "Pinoo" of the sensor card we use.



We click on the ‘’Connect’’ tab.



We click on "Firmware Update" from the window that opens.


4. Coding part:


This application will not work unless the pinoo control is installed on the card. So we start directly with the Pinoo Program code block. We enter the bluetooth connection values ​​as 0-1.

  We are constantly checking if there is a BT connection.



If there is a connection, we read the incoming numerical data and if it is 1, we make the angle of the servo motor 90 and open the door. (We will specify the 1 here in practice.)



If the incoming data is 0, we close the door by making the angle of the servo motor 0.



Right click on the "Pinoo Program" command and click on "Arduino" in the window that opens.


We choose the "Install" option.



On the page that opens, we click on the "Upload to Arduino" button selected in red.



Our codes are uploaded to our Pinoo sensor card.



We click on the "Close" button after the "Download Finished" text appears. After the loading is finished, the pinoo card and sensors are placed in the hard hat.


5. Working Status of the Project:



We install the bluetooth module by paying attention to its pins.



We take out the USB connection cable and insert the 9V battery.



* Now we will need to select the HC-06 device from the phone's bluetooth settings.



We enter the bluetooth settings of our phone and select the bluetooth device with the name HC-06.



We enter the “1234” pin and open the Bluetooth Controller application.



Here we select the HC-06 device we paired with. We select the Switch mode option on the screen that appears.



We click on the settings tab at the top right on the screen that appears. In the opened field, we enter the value 0 for 1 red button for the green button. (1-0 value in the coding section)



We place the Pinoo card inside the house.


When we press the green button in the application, the door will open.