Easy Coding with PinooBit

Knowing coding and coding language has become one of the most basic needs today. Coding is behind many of the things we use in our daily life. Many microprocessor cards have been developed to learn and teach the coding language.
These microprocessor cards differ according to various ages and needs. Among the microprocessor cards, Micro:Bit is very useful, whether it's the sensors on it or the sensors that can be attached and coded externally.
The size of the Micro:Bit can also be seen as a good reason for it to be among the most preferred cards.

If we examine Micro:Bit during the learning phase, we can code with the JavaScript language as well as the block-based coding area where we can code with drag-and-drop logic on its own online editor. In short, we can say that it is offered as an easy-to-use editor for coding. When we consider externally mounted sensors, sensor connection convenience is provided with the help of different shields.
At this stage, we have developed PinooBit in terms of ease of use and in order to achieve faster and permanent learning while coding afterwards. It is here with sensors and modules compatible with door outputs and door outputs on PinooBit. You can focus on the way we started to learn the coding language by getting rid of the cable mess of the sensors. PinooBit, which removes all the obstacles ahead, makes coding fun for us.
Thanks PinooBit :)